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Dramatic Edits

You will see my full editing process on three maternity images, that can be applied to images in any genre.

We'll explore:
-selective edits
-masking in both LR and PS
-adding that extra drama
-curves and adjustment layers
-keyboard shortcuts
-editing blown out skies

More than just a "watch me edit" video


I'll go into detail in many of the tools available in LR, and cover adjustment layers and masks in PS.
You'll be able to watch along as I edit three maternity images for drama and impact, reviving dull skies, and capturing the "dark and moody" feel without losing vibrancy, and maintaining natural skin tones. You'll be able to ask questions as well.

I'll demonstrate one edit using the actions and presets I use most often (and provide a discount code in case you want to check them out yourself). 

The second image will be edited with just the default tools available in your LR and PS Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

The third image will give you options for when your sky detail can't be recovered.

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