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Hi, I'm Tara!

As an award-winning photographer with over 12 years experience, I have picked up many tips and tricks along the way. I help photographers curate their portfolios, create consistent edits, master Lightroom, and take their business from part-time hobby to full-time and thriving!

Here you can find any courses or products you have purchased, and see what else is available (more good things are on their way!)

Available Products

Dramatic Edits

More than just a "Watch Me Edit" video, I'll go into detail in many of the tools available in LR, and cover adjustment layers and masks in PS.
You'll be able to watch along as I edit three maternity images for drama and impact, reviving dull skies, and capturing the "dark and moody" feel without losing vibrancy, and maintaining natural skin tones. 


"I use Lightroom but after Tara’s class, I now know that I didn’t truly use Lightroom! An entire world of editing possibilities has opened up :)"

"This class was an incredible value for the hour. I loved that you showed edits with presets and without. I had no idea how easy it was to enhance an amazing sky in photoshop and did not know anything about the range mask in Lightroom which has been so helpful. I’ll pretty much buy any class that you offer!"

Lightroom Adjustment Brush Presets

A collection of over 21 adjustment presets that can be used with any of the adjustment and masking tools in LR:

-adjustment brush
-radial filter
-graduated filter
-sky mask
-object mask
-people mask
-background mask
-subject mask

Varying levels to help you:
-adjust skin tones (blue, red, and yellow fixes)
-recover highlights
-brighten shadows
-soften skin
-warm up
-cool down
-recover skies
-smooth and soften backgrounds
-brighten eyes and teeth
-spot sharpen
-add a subtle vignette
-create a hazy sunflare


Lightroom Workflow Foundations (Coming Soon)

A complete workflow guide for using Lightroom Classic.

Topics covered include:

  • file management and backups
  • what are catalogs?
  • what ways can we use catalogs?
  • best practice for importing images
  • using the library and develop modules
  • keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow
  • when to use presets and how to create your own
  • how to export your images
  • what size should you export your images for various uses?
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